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«Моi Коrni» Care service for tombs and graves in Belarus moikorni@mail.ru
220093 Belarus Minsk Region Minsk
+375 (29) 595 77 73 +375 (29) 675 77 73
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Think about your future beforehand - do pre-planning! All your wishes will be included in the preliminary plan of a funeral or cremation.

What it gives:

  • You can discuss the possibility of pre-planning with friends.
  • You can be assured that the funerals would be as you want.
  • You'll know how much it costs.
  • You provide yourself and your family protection after your death before it happens.
  • You care about your insurance, when you are alive.
  • You get peace of mind and know that when the time comes, 0friends and family will gather together to take you to your final journey and support each other.

Learn about pre-planning and make your life and your family safer!

 Pre-planning a funeral

 Active retirees Gennady and Galina M. made their choice. Even after the retirement Gennady and Galina Ilyashenko live their lives. Youth has passed, but life goes on. They are together for 50 years and have no desire to lose each other. They traveled the world.

"We often take a car, no reservations, and just travel on it", - says Galina. "We get another - new - life experience."

Here's another example. You can see Ilyashenko on stage and behind the scenes of amateur theater. Gennady Mikhailovich, a former chemist, post-retirement became interested in woodworking. Who would have thought that a simple builder set will help him find a hobby? And Galina helped him with organization. Although their hobbies and leisure do not allow them to relax, Gennady and Galina said that they always have time for children. They rejoice in seeing how two their sons have grown into mature and handsome men. And they already have their own families, who gave to Galina and Gennady five grandchildren. "I think the greatest joy of our lives - our children and they are our great friends," - says Galina. "When your children become your friends, know that you properly educated them."

Although this is not the end of life and we have much to do and try, Gennady began to think about the organization of his final wishes and planning funeral. Ilyashenko have been able to see how the preliminary planning is easier to organize at the example of their parents, who once took advantage of this service.

"They helped all of us, because we did not have to deal with site acquisition, the purchase of the coffin", - says Galina. "We did not have to settle all the details immediately. It was decided for us all and much easier. At the funeral, it was easier ".

Gennady believes that pre-planning is for responsible parents. "For me, if you care about your family, this is the right way; you want to make sure that everything will be fine. You always want to make sure that all your plans until the end of life are fulfilled. If you have the opportunity to take care about in advance, so why not do it? Relatives will not have to worry about the financial and organizational issues later. "

Galina added that the decision to pre-plan came in thinking about their children, trying to give them love and support when they need it most of all. "The loss of parents - is very hard and I think that planning - a gift that we can give to our children to help them in these difficult times" - she said. "This makes them free to pass the time of trouble. I think it is very important ".

"Opportunity to use this kind of service means that you pay for peace of mind. While life goes on you can do a lot of good things. "

"Family was the main reason to schedule in advance our withdrawal of life" - Gennady not afraid to admit that he had a personal reason.

"This is a gift for children, but it is also a gift for yourself when your funeral took place exactly as you want"

Many people do not attach much value the idea of planning a funeral. However, when developing and agreeing the list not all is easy. "You know what needs to be done, you tell yourself that you have to do it, but you do not know where to start," –Gennady says.

At the time of travel and family vacations Galina found time to call the consultant to request additional information about pre-planning. Family Ilyashenko had an appointment with a local pre-planning adviser, who discussed with them all the action. "We had to invite a consultant to our house and prepare a document on the planning." "He provided materials and answered all our questions and requests," "With the help of an agent, we worked hard and did everything necessary to satisfy our desires." Performing all the details is very important to Galina and Gennady, so they focused on the list of services, which - they hope - will help family and friends. For Gennady planning and proper maintenance is important, especially because it is intended to help loved ones feel the end of his life.

"If you can get away with the exclamation mark at the end, I think that's the main thing", - says Galina. "It says something about the person. It's something personal." Thus, the family is able to control the cost and choose a payment plan that best meets their expenses. Gennady says that the choice was simple and logical in terms of cost savings. "Having this kind of service means that you have already paid for what happens afterwards," - he says. "Even if your life goes on, all costs are already covered, and, in fact, it makes sense." Documents are drawn up, so Gennady and Galina feel free and live an active life, unafraid of the future. Soon after they finished draw preliminary agreement, Galina ill.

"I would be pleased to know that if something happens to me, I will be taken care of" - she said. Gennady: "I calmly from the fact that in any event prior planning and prefunding is only a plus for families."

Now Ilyashenko not have much time to think about pre-planning and prefunding funeral. They completed the process quickly and know that their family will not be burdened with financial costs. Galina and Gennady are busy by planning their next trip, preparing for the next performance and communication with five grandchildren, and to think about it. They are ready to receive pleasure from life for a long time.

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Care service for tombs and graves in Belarus

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