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«Моi Коrni» Care service for tombs and graves in Belarus moikorni@mail.ru
220093 Belarus Minsk Region Minsk
+375 (29) 595 77 73 +375 (29) 675 77 73
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Mechanisms of funeral arrangements are quite complex, especially when feelings of loss, time of grief is strong.

This list will help you and facilitate these difficult steps.

Soon after death:

  • Call 103 to report about the death and to call the doctor.
  • Call the police on the phone 102, it will be necessary if the person died in an accident.
  • Notify relatives.
  • Notify close friends.
  • Find a funeral agent to start the process or agreements to begin work on pre-planning a funeral.
  • Gather the information you will need to obtain a death certificate. This includes full name, affiliation, business address, occupation, social security, pension certificate, passport, marriage certificate, date and place of birth, date of death.
  • If necessary, call a religious figure - the clergy (priest, etc.).
  • Notify your insurance company (check the number of the policy).
  • Call your employer.
  • Tell companies and banks to close accounts - credit cards, etc.
  • It is necessary to terminate the contract with a mobile cellular operator.

It is strongly recommended in case of death of a family carefully check all the benefits from insurance companies, fraternal societies, unions, and military organizations.

Additional information that may be useful to you:

Coffin - you need to choose a coffin to transport the deceased. Possible options:

Coffin (cremation)

Coffin (for direct burial)

Urn (cremation)

To leave a coffin open or closed - If the deceased - a religious person, you will need to consult with your priest or other clergy, before making a decision on this issue. There are some denominations and circumstances which require that the coffin should be closed.

Embalming of the body - is used to temporarily preserve the body, often used for direct cremation or direct burial.

Clothing - if the deceased is in a morgue clothes should be brought not later than 1 day before the issuance of the body. On the day of farewell you should arrive at the morgue for 1 hour before start time of farewell.

Options for burial - burial urns with ashes in special wall, burial in a special glass, burial in special block, burial in the family vault, burial in the ground.

Funeral agents - is a real help in difficult situations. Professionals will give the necessary advice and a consultation on all matters of funeral services. Through a ritual you do not have agents to monitor operational issues associated with funerals. Agents can take on solving the problems associated with paperwork, order placement to ritual accessories, custom transportation, choice of place of burial, cremation and other custom services.

Monument - this is the last opportunity to express everlasting memory to family and friends. After all, the gravestones can capture all the words that you did not tell them in life and the monument for many years will preserve the image of a loved one just the way it stayed in your memory. Must be considered: if the deceased was veteran, a member of a special organization - what the inscription should be engraved on the monument?

Obituary - there are many guides, both online and in print. You must write an obituary. You should include basic information such as how people lived and how long, then detailed information about the identity of capturing the main features of the positive side of man. Need to reconnect with family and friends of the deceased, to mention surviving family members. We recommend printing an obituary in local newspapers or posted on Internet resources. If a person has been in public service, it must be emphasized in the obituary.

Funeral - not an easy procedure and very important. It includes a full range of funeral arrangements.

Farewell to the deceased - services are often held at the funeral home, a dedicated cafй, a religious institution, and cemetery or at home.

Words from relatives, obituary - these short speech pronounced by relatives and friends, colleagues who knew the deceased. Content should be in a positive way to talk about family, love, faith and progress.

Flowers - a wide selection of standard wreaths, baskets, flowers, typical of the funeral. We recommend you to apply only in specialized shops of funeral services or funeral agent. Determine the type of flower arrangement, which will be presented to your family.

Video filming and photo album - decide for yourself whether this is for you.

The choice of the monument - we recommend you seek specialized workshops for manufacturing sites.

Removal of the deceased – is used for traditional burials. This will require a 6 - 8 strong men, usually friends and acquaintances, but not close relatives.

Music - what tune the orchestra should play during the funeral? And whether it is necessary at all? Decide for yourself, taking into account the wishes of the deceased.

Specialized vehicles for transportation - you need a special transport for the deceased and the bus for relatives and friends. Refer to the funeral hearse agent, where the choice of transport is diverse, and the drivers have experience in this field.

Моi Коrni

Care service for tombs and graves in Belarus

Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 20:00

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