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Моi Коrni

Care service for tombs and graves in Belarus

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Tidying graves is not like the garden work

    In the daily routine, we are busy with bringing home the bacon and forget about the mental. We often understand the wrongness of this attitude when we come to a cemetery. While visiting the grave of a close person many of us are usually shocked to find dusty monument, spotted with the birds, garbage, fallen leaves and bunch of faded flowers that was left many days ago. At moments like these, you realize that the graves require the constant care, not only on commemoration days.



Expressing his feelings for the dead, we are striving for as long as possible to preserve his memory. To do this, from time immemorial, at the grave of the deceased decided to install a monument made of natural stone, metal, or using other materials. The monument necessarily provides information about the person who is buried in this tomb: name, surname, patronymic, year of birth and death, a brief epitaph. In the old days, when the salary for most of us was so small that it is not allowed to pay for the cost of manufacturing the monument of marble or granite, had limited concrete monuments. However, the inscription on the concrete is very short-lived, as their condition affects the impact of such weather events such as rain, fog or snow. Over the years, individual letters, as it were deleted, and you want to update the inscription on the monument. 

Improvement of places of burials – the used materials

   Methods now in use improvements of places of burials include facing of the space surrounding a grave three types of a tile:

1. the marble;
2. the granite;
3. the sidewalk.

Laying of a marble and granite tile, identical to the material applied to production of a monument, as a rule, during the first season is followed by their pollution.

Моi Коrni

Care service for tombs and graves in Belarus

Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 20:00

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